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Cigar Talk Radio


Cigar Talk is a Podcast channel that interviews shop owners, give cigar reviews, and offer weekly giveaways. Lite up a cigar and hang out with them.  

Kafie 1901 Brands


 A rich family history spanning over a  118 years in the region of Central America.  With origins in  agriculture , the Kafie's have long enjoyed premium tobacco for over a Century. 

Watchman Cigars


 Providing quality hand-rolled cigars and services to our clients and business partners. 

Stogie Road


Inspired by years of traveling America and my life's passion for the culture of cigars I smoke, I found myself happening upon cigar shops and lounges on the beaten paths of America's roads. In my adventures I have been christened by one Cuban American Cigar Lounge owner as "El Viajante"; and this is my Stogie Road experience shared with you. 

RTB Cigars


New Boutique line of cigars under the Kafie 1901 Brand.