Naimah Pears,Owner

The Brand!

We're merging business fundamentals with fashion, cigars, and libations, to educate our audience about the cigar culture and lifestyle, as well as how to effectively brand your business. 

Our Excitement!

We want to tap into all of our talents by being an inspiration and a beacon of hope that anything is possible with preparation!

Doing Business with Us!

We are going to educate you about business branding as a service, along with cigar etiquette as a service, and as we continue to grow into a full-service apparel store, our focus will always remain on offering one-of-a-kind art-style apparel, because we are a part of the Art Community, too! 

The magazine blog is used as a tool by highlighting the cigar culture as a resource, which shows credibility of our quality of work, as we gain freelance writing opportunities from prospective clients and as we move into business services such as business coaching/consulting, offering digital products, podcasting, and online courses. 

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Red Lips and Cigar Sticks™ publishes publications about the cigar culture and access to our eCommerce store. 

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On the blog, you can search for current events, read cigar tips/news/reviews, and see weekly features of the men and women of the cigar culture as our "Red Lips Fashionistas" and our "Dapper Gents."

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Our YouTube Channel


This YouTube channel is a platform to share my experience, as a female cigar smoker by way of being a Vlogger and overall a Social Media Personality!  

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In our online Boutique Apparel Store, you can shop for our one-of-a-kind apparel clothing brand such as Tees, Tanks, Hoodies, Sweatshirts/pants, Jogger Sets, Shirts/Tops, and Travel Bags. 

We are always designing new styles and adding on new merchandise, as well as offering you virtual style looks for inspiration using our signature apparel line. 

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We'll love to hear from you, please send us an email at or by visiting our Contact Page, please click here.

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Business Coaching



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Introductory Session: 

A one-on-one coaching session that will focus on designing a plan towards entrepreneurship for inspiring individuals, who just don't know how to convert their creative ideas into a business concept. 

In this session, we will identify your niche, specialty, and/or passion(s) and compile them into a successful strategic plan to get you started with bringing your ideas to life. 

In this drafting planning meeting, we will meet for a total of three sessions that will be between 30-45 mins in length, which can consist of meeting directly, having a virtual meeting, and/or by way of conference call. 

As a client, you will have unlimited email access to me between each session.